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10 Great Bedroom Design for Your Boys, Let’s Make Them Happy!

10 Great Bedroom Design for Your Boys

Do you feel confused when determining a great bedroom designs for boys? No need to worry, we will help you in order to get the bedroom design suitable for boys.

Here’s the full explanation for you all.

1. Great Bedroom Designs For You Teenagers

You can create a simple bedroom for boys. Bedroom design as above can be one of the best solutions that you can apply. You can put down cabinets that they can use to put a various items and collections they have. Not only that, the cabinet can also be used to put textbooks.

Do not forget to put a study table that can support their activities during school. Buy a comfortable chair so they can linger while doing learning activities there. You do not need to use a king-size bed, because a single-sized mattress is very comfortable to use.

2. The Bedroom With Attractive Decorations!

The bedroom is very attractive because of a beautiful decorations. You can put a various decorations in cabinets that are already available. Not only that, the cabinet can also be used to put their textbooks.

Use a dark color like gray to give a masculine impression in a boy’s room.

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3. Design That Unique and Different!

Design That Unique and Different!

This one concept allows the bedroom and study table to be a part in the child’s room. In order to realize the above concept, you can ask for help from the experts to design the room in order to look attractive.

When using this concept, book storage cabinets can be placed on the bed.

Unique and very different is not it?

4. Bedroom on the Upper Floor

Bedroom on the Upper Floor

The concept of this one is almost the same as the design that we have to say before. It’s just that this one design looks taller and is in a more narrow room.

This concept is very appropriate you apply, if you have a room with a narrow size and not too broad. The top can be used as a bed and the bottom can be used as a children’s study table.

5. Playing Basket in the Room?

The room design is perfect for boys who are active in sports and play basketball. You can provide a special area that boys can play together with their friends.

When going to use this concept, all you need to do is paint the walls of the house into red. Next you can make the room floor like a real basketball court.

Make sure there are no items made of glass or fragile items in the room.

6. Dominant Blue Color In Room

Dominant Blue Color In Room

Based on research conducted by experts, note that a blue color is a type of color that is very soothing and a color that is suitable for use in the room. So this concept is perfect for use by you who want children to sleep soundly.

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Do not forget to make a comfortable study desk in it. Good lighting becomes the next factor that is important for you to pay attention to.

7. Optimizing Limited Space

Optimizing Limited Space

If you do not have a spacious room, then we strongly recommend you to use this one bedroom design. The thing you need to do is make the bed into a storied like an example above.

Furthermore, at the bottom of the bed can be used as a space for learning. You can put tables and chairs to support boys’ activities. Do not forget to create a storage rack adjacent to the study room. Storage cabinets can be used to put textbooks, toys, and various decorations that can make the bedroom more attractive

Interested to implement the above ideas?

8. The Bedroom Looks Elegant and Charming!

The Bedroom Looks Elegant and Charming!

If you have boys aged 15 – 20 years old, then we strongly recommend that you use this bedroom concept. A design that makes the look of the bedroom look very attractive and elegant.

You need to use a blend of black and blue in order to get the design and concept like the example above. Do not forget also to use carpets that look like green grass.

A concept that makes the bedroom look very fresh and comfortable. We guarantee, your child will feel comfortable while being in this bedroom.

9. Design and Concept Very Elegant and Charming

Design and Concept Very Elegant and Charming

Before using the concept and design of this one, then you should consider the costs to be incurred. In order to get the design and concept of this one, you need to spend a lot of money. Because, you will need the help of interior designers in order to create the concept of the bedroom as the example above.

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The important thing to note next is make sure you provide a play area in the room like the example above. Thus, they can freely play in the room with his brother.

Which designs and concepts do you find most appealing to apply?

Before you use the concepts and designs above make sure you discuss with boys. Make sure the design and concept of the bedroom that you use in accordance with the wishes of your child.

We hope the above information can provide many benefits to all of you who have read it. If you would like to know more about the above topics, please ask us through the comments field below. We’ll be happy to answer any incoming questions to help with your issue.

Hopefully the above information inspires and good luck!


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