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7 Master Bedroom Room Design for Young Couples

7 Master Bedroom Room Design for Young Couples

Young couples who just got married must be enjoying time with their partner and also go for vacation. Having a comfortable bedroom is the dream of all newly married couples. It’s just that not all young couples have ideas to design their bedroom to look more attractive.

To solve the above problem, on this occasion we will try to explain to you all about master bedroom room design that can be some workable design ideas.

Let us consider the explanation below.

1. Smart Concept in Your Room

The above concept allows you to put a bed and wardrobe in one room. Design that is suitable for you who have limited space. You can use brown and gray color furniture to give the impression of elegance and luxury in your bedroom.

In addition, you can also make glass doors that can be opened wide in the bedroom. A wide glass door allows fresh air to make your room more refreshing. Another advantage is you do not need to use air conditioning.

Afternoon you can make as time to rest together with your couple. Enjoying hot coffee while joking with your partner is a very fun thing to do.

2. White As a Dominant Color In Master Bedroom Room Design

White color used in the bedroom will make the display look cleaner and tidier than before. The problem of white color is very easy to look dirty and dusty. The consequence is you need to clean the sheets, carpets, and pillowcases with a routine to make it look more attractive.

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The thing that is not to be missed is you can also put a rug on the bottom of the mattress. A rug will warm your feet while you are in the bedroom. Put also some decorations that can beautify the look in your room. Some of the decorations we strongly recommend to use are greenery and wall clocks.

3. Luxury Bedroom For You and Your Partner

The spacious size of the room allows you to create a luxurious design in the room. Where the wider room allows you to put large furniture in the bedroom.

For example, you can easily put a medium-sized sofa in your bedroom. A sofa you can use to relax and chat with your partner at night. Do not forget to put a small table that made by glass in order to be a place to put food and drinks. The more comfortable thing is you can use a King sized mattress to put in your bedroom.

Ideal room as a place to rest!

4. Wide Window In Your Room

If you live close to the beach or are in a very beautiful environment, then you should use this one concept as a bedroom design. This one concept requires you to create a very wide glass window. The very wide window allows you to enjoy the beach while reading a book in the room.

The thing that should not be forgotten is make sure you make a seat adjacent to the wide window.

5. Beautiful View from Your Room

This room design is almost same as a concept that we have explain before. To provide better comfort in your room, you can put a soft pillow in the room.

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We further recommend you to use furniture that is white and brown color. Combination of white and brown color will give the impression of clean, warm, and tidy in your bedroom. You who live in a beautiful place are perfect for using this design concept. Thus, you can enjoy a beautiful scenery every day after waking up.

6. Optimizing Your Narrow Room

Do not worry if you have a room that is narrow and not too big. We still have concept or ideas that you can apply in your bedroom. The above example is one of the idea of ​​bedroom in a room that is not too broad.

To give the impression of a luxurious and elegant, you can use a dark color in the room. The first step that can be done is to paint the walls of the room using black. Furthermore, you can use black sheets and curtains in your bedroom.

Do not forget to use a very attractive glass lamp in your room!

7. No Problem With Narrow Rooms!

The last idea we can give is a minimalist concept like the example above. Although the room size is not too large, you can still get a room with an elegant and luxurious design.

One thing to note is the use of color and proper furniture to be placed in your room. Choose furniture with dark colors like black and gray. Both types of colors above allow you to get a luxurious and elegant impression in the bedroom.

Do not use too much decoration in the room. This will make your room feel more cramped.

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Are you interested in using the ideas above?

If you are interested in using any of the above ideas, then do not forget to prepare some funds that must be spent to create a design as above. Start saving some of your income to get the desired concept.

We hope the information that we presented above about master bedroom room design can provide many benefits to all of you who have read it. If you still have questions related to the above topics, feel free to ask through the comments field below.

Good luck!


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