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8 Little Boy Bedroom Decor That Inspired by Cartoons

If you have enough budget, there is no problem to decorate your child’s room becomes more interesting. One type of decoration that can be applied is to use decorations that are inspired by their favorite cartoons. Creating a room with an appropriate decoration will definitely make them feel good and comfortable while in their room.

In this article, we’ll give you some examples of boy-inspired boy room decorations.

Let’s look at the explanation below!

1. Decoration With the Space Concept

Decoration With the Space Concept

If the child has the ideals of being a pilot or astronaut, then the room decorations as above can be right choice to apply. You can create a bedroom with a very interesting and unique space theme.

You can use dark blue in all parts of the bedroom so that the atmosphere in the room similar to outer space. Use pillowcases and sheets in blue to match the boy room colors. Next you can ask for help to others to make the star painting above. The last step is you can put the decoration of a miniature planet in the solar system as a complement.

We guarantee, your child will definitely like the decoration as above!

2. Smurf in the Bedroom

Smurf in the Bedroom

If your child likes Smurfs, then it would be good idea to create their bedroom with this theme. You can put a wall sticker with a Smurf image in some parts of the bedroom. You can also use pillowcases and bed linen in blue to match the theme.

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Blue color used in the room can make children feel more comfortable while in it. This can happen because the blue color can provide peace when you use in the bedroom.

Interested to use the above concept?

3. Let’s Play With Mario Bros!

Let's Play With Mario Bros!

Using the above decoration is very easy to apply, because all you need do is to use wallpaper with Mario Bros theme. You can look for wallpapers in the stores that provide them and ask to install them in the boys’ bedroom.

Furthermore, you can use a storied bedroom that can be used by two kids. Do not forget to give a large area so they can play freely in their room.

4. Two Children with Different Super Heroes

Two Children with Different Super Heroes

Two siblings do not always have the same superheroes. Surely they idolize a different super hero. When this happens, concepts and decorations as above can be the right choice for you to apply.

You can separate the boy’s bed by using a concrete block. Next on the wall of the room, you can put the poster of super hero they idolize.

Don’t forget to provide a wide area that can be used as a place to play together.

5. Children’s Teenage Room Decoration

Children's Teenage Room Decoration

Decorations by using super hero themes can also be suitable for use by teenagers. You can use wallpaper to put in your son’s room.

Are you interested in using the above concept?

6. Decorations For Baby Boys

Decorations For Baby Boys

If you have a special room for the baby, then there is no problems to use the concepts and decorations as above. This decoration will make baby’s room become brighter and interesting to look at.

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You can also put extra decoration in the crib to make it more interesting. The important thing to put in baby’s bedroom is chair. A chair or sofa can be a place where you watch your baby while you are inside the house.

7. The Future Room

The Future Room

Everyone must know this cartoon character, he is Doraemon. When you use decor as above, your child’s room will definitely look attractive and sophisticated.

The thing that needs to be done in order to get the bedroom above is to use blue paint in all parts of room. Furthermore, you can use some Doraemon decorations such as study chair, bed sheet, bed lights, and so forth.

In order for the results look interesting, you can consult with an expert when going to decorate room.

8. Starwars in Theis Room

Starwars in Theis Room

Not just a kids, because many people are very fond of Starwars movie. If your child loves a room with Starwars decoration, then the above concept you can imitate.

The trick is very simple, you can buy some Starwars swords are sold in the market. Next, you can put the decoration horizontally on the child’s room wall.

Put also some masks from the characters in the Starwars Movies!

Room decoration like this is not only suitable for children only. You are an adult is still very suitable to use the decor as above. Just don’t be too excessive when using Starwars decorations in the room. Excessive decoration will make your room look messy.

What is your favorite decoration?

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All of the room decorations we present above are perfect for boys, from boys to teenagers. You can use the decorations and concepts that you find most interesting to apply.

Of all the above decorations, the simplest decoration is a decoration that only uses wallapapers in the room and does not use any other accessories. While the decor is difficult like the concept of Doraemon, you can ask for help from experts.

We hope the above discussion can be an inspiration to all of you who have read it. If you have any questions related to the topics, you can ask us through the comments field below. We’ll be happy to help you.

Good luck!


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