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8 Room Design Inspiration For Men, It Looks Masculine!

Single men who do not have a wife need to make the room inside his house look more attractive. One of the room design ideas that can be used is to make the look of the room look more masculine and interesting to use.

On this occasion, we will try to explain to you all about 8 room design inspiration that make it look masculine.

Here’s the full explanation for you all.

1. Room Design Inspiration With Dark Nuances

Room Design Inspiration With Dark Nuances

One of the main factors that make your bedroom look masculine is the use of dominant color in the room. We strongly advise you to use black as the dominant color in the bedroom.

You can start by painting the walls of the room using black. Furthermore, you can use black curtains to give a strong and masculine impression in the room. In order for the bedroom look more bright and attractive, you can combine black and white color in the room.

It is no less important is to choose a simple decor and not excessive to be placed in your bedroom.

2. Unique and Different Bathrooms

Unique and Different Bathrooms

Make the bathroom inside your house look unique and different like the example above. You can put the unused vehicle number plate on the bathroom wall. You can ask certain parties to make you different types of vehicle number plates as decorations.

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Or if you have a large collection of vehicle license plate, you can use the license plate of the vehicle to be used as room decoration.

We guarantee your bathroom will look very unique and different by using this design concept.

3. Combining 2 Room Being One

Combining 2 Room Being One

If you have limited space in your house, then you can use the ideas and concepts as we illustrated above. This concept will combine the dining room and family room into one.

The thing to do is put the dining table behind the sofa. With a design like this, then you can enjoy a variety of food while watching TV together with friends and family.

Do not forget to choose furniture with masculine colors such as black, brown, and white.

4. Working Room that Feels Comfortable

Working Room that Feels Comfortable

If you often work at home, then you need to consider to design a comfortable work space. There are several factors that determine a comfortable working space to use or not. The first factor is the use of furniture and lighting in the workroom.

Choose a comfortable chair to use for long and made of soft material. Instead, you choose a seat that has a backrest on the back.

Next, you need to consider the lighting in the workspace. We recommend you build a large window in the work space. This allows sunlight to enter the room and provide natural lighting.

The final step, you can create a storage rack at the top of the work table like the example above. Storage racks can be used to put various documents work, books, and so forth.

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Simple and interesting!

5. Unique Working Room, Want to Try it?

Unique Working Room, Want to Try it?

Do not ever question the small room, because there are so many solutions to solve the problem. One of the ideas that can be used is the concept and design of the unique room as above.

You can make the work space on the bed. You can ask the experts to design this one.

The important thing to note when going to use designs and ideas on this one is make sure you have a high room.

Note also the cost to be incurred, when will use the concepts and ideas on this one.

6. Room Concept For The Musicians

Room Concept For The Musicians

If you like playing guitar and have a lot of guitar collection, then you can use the concept and idea of ​​this one. These concepts and designs allow you to keep your guitar collection in a well-stocked storage cabinet.

Put this storage closet in the living room so that many people will see the collection you have. Choose a storage cabinet made of transparent glass to keep the guitar collection visible when the closet door is closed.

7. Wardrobe For The Men

Wardrobe For The Men

Never let your clothes that you have looks messy and untidy. You need to have a wardrobe that is useful for storing various clothes that are owned. You can use one of the corners in your room to use as a wardrobe.

Use open concept in the wardrobe!

8. The Visuristic Room

The Visuristic Room

Make your living room interesting for guests to feel comfortable while in it. You can use the living room design that looks futuristic like the example above.

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The interesting thing about this concept and design is that you can also use it as a meeting place with your coworkers.

Do not forget to make the lighting look unique and interesting like the example above.

The last thing to keep in mind is make sure you use a wide window. This can give a wide impression in the living room that you have.

Are you interested in using one of the ideas above?

8 room design inspiration we present above are perfect for use by men in their homes. You can decorate the bedroom, bathroom and living room to look more masculine than ever.

We hope the above information can provide many benefits and inspiration to all of you who have read it. If you have any questions related to the above topic, you can ask us through the comments field below. We’ll be happy to answer any incoming questions for you.


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