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8 Room Design Inspiration For Small Spaces, Let’s Make Your Room Feel More Extensive

Room Design Inspiration For Small Spaces

Nowadays property prices in big cities are increasingly expensive and making many people unable to buy adequate housing. One solution to solve the problem is to buy a smaller house. The next problem is that a small house can not accommodate many items in it.

For that reason in this discussion we will explain to you all about the room design inspiration.

Here’s the full explanation for you all.

1. Book and TV Storage

Book and TV Storage

The first idea we convey is applicable in the living room thatyou have. Where, you can combine a book storage and TV into one. The above concept can only be done if you have a flat-screen TV.

You can order modified storage shelves in such a way, making it possible to combine the TV and book storage rack into one.

With this concept, you no longer need large storage racks to place books. Not only that, the collection of books owned also can look more presentable by using a design like this.

2. Optimizing Every Corner In Room

Optimizing Every Corner In Room

If you have a lot of decorations you want to put in your house, then you can use ideas and designs like this. The thing that needs to be done is to optimize the use of space in your home.

For example, you can put old bikes on the wall of the house like the example above. Or it could also put a painting on the top of the storage cabinet.

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The thing that is the lack of this one design is the room will feel more narrow and uncomfortable when you are in it.

However, if you like design like this, then please just to use it.

3. The Small Kitchen Looks Amazing

The Small Kitchen Looks Amazing

If you rarely use the kitchen, you should not have to make a large kitchen in the house. Create a kitchen with a small size and simple as exemplified above.

You can create a storage area on the kitchen wall. The storage can be used to put plates, bowls, glasses, and various other things.

In order for the kitchen look clean, you can use white and green as the example above.

No need to use a large dining table, you only need to use a round table and small size that looks simple.

The concept and design is perfect for small families!

4. Very Comfortable Work Space

Very Comfortable Work Space

Now you can work from anywhere, even you can also work from home. This can happen because the development of information technology is getting better. If you often spend time to work in your house, then the design of this room can be applied.

You can combine work space and relax room into one. Do not forget to create a storage shelf that is useful for putting a collection of books.

With a design like this, you can rest on a comfortable sofa while reading open when tired to work all day.

5. Simple Learning Room

Simple Learning Room

You can optimize the use of existing room in your house. If there is an unused corner of the room, you can use it as a study room like the example above. Book storage can be placed on the wall of a room. Thus, the various books that are owned can look neat and not messy.

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In order to look more attractive, you can put wall decorations like the example above.

A very interesting idea is not it?

6. Bedroom Design For Boys

Bedroom Design For Boys

Boys are simpler and do not need much furniture in the bedroom. Designs and concepts like the one above can be the right choice to apply in a boy’s bedroom.

You just have to put the bed and the room lights in their bedroom. The important thing to note is make sure you create a wide window in the room. A wide window will make the boys’ room look more spacious and comfortable while you are in it.

7. Using the Hall Room as a Working Place

Using the Hall Room as a Working Place

If you do not have room to work in your house, then you can use the concepts and ideas like the example above. You can use the hall as a place to work.The thing to note is that you must make sure that the hallway is rarely used by other family members. If not, then this will of course be very disturbing to you while working here.

8. Modified Bedroom

Modified Bedroom

Bedrooms are not too wide making it difficult to use large furniture. Therefore, you should use furniture that is minimalist.

Or you can use the design concept as we illustrated above. You can use the bookcase as a partition in the bedroom. Wardrobe book can also be used to store various collections of books that have to look more presentable.

The important thing to note is do not use excessive decoration in the narrow bedroom. Excessive decoration will make the room feel more cramped.

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Which room design do you like?

The main thing to consider when designing a narrow room is the use of furniture and decorations. Never use excessively large furniture and excessive decoration in a small room. Both of these things will make the room will feel more narrow.

Consider also to combine two rooms into one!

Think creative to get room design inspiration for a small room. We hope the information presented above can provide many benefits to you who have read it.

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions to ask. We will be happy to answer any incoming questions.


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