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9 Beautiful Bathroom Remodels That is Unthinkable, Dare to Try?

9 Beautiful Bathroom Remodels That is Unthinkable, Dare to Try?

There are so many bathroom ideas that are not widely applied by the public. This can happen because of some constraints such as limited funds and size of the room that is not possible. If you don’t encounter some of that issues we mentioned above. In the discussion this time we will try to explain some beautiful bathroom remodels that are very beautiful and unthinkable by many people.

Let us consider the explanation below.

1. Using The Sky As The Roof Of Your Bathroom

Using The Sky As The Roof Of Your Bathroom

These concepts and ideas are perfect for you to apply. This one bathroom doesn’t need lighting, because the light can come from the sun. Ideas like above not only save electricity at your home, but also can make the bathroom feel more fresh when you use. Air circulation works well with the concept and design above.

In order to look more beautiful and attractive, you can put green plants in some parts in your bathroom.

A unique and different concept isn’t ?

2. Unique Shower That Looks Interesting

Unique Shower That Looks Interesting

If the shower usually comes from a single source, this one uses 6 water sources as a shower. Actually the above concept doesn’t require you to use all water sources when going to take a shower. But you can choose the shower that suits and match with your body size.

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3. Bath Tub That Floated?

Bath Tub That Floated?

Bathing using a floating bath tub seems not just a dream, because you can easily make it happen right now. The bath above includes a very strong and sturdy bath tub as it can withstand heavy loads when used. Make sure you choose the bath tub with good quality and has a strong material for use in your bathroom

In addition, you can also put small rocks on the bottom of bath tub to beautify the appearance.

4. Bathroom For Bathing

Bathroom For Bathing

Using a white bath tub seems familiar and no longer attractive to apply. This one idea allows you to soak as if in a natural hot spring bath.

Decorations in the form of natural rocks around the bath tub increasingly add a natural impression when you are in this bathroom. You can also put a bonfire to warm the bathroom. Place also decorative lights on the top of your bathroom to beautify the appearance.

The above concept is guaranteed to make you want to linger in this bathroom.

5. Beautiful Bathroom Remodels That Combine Bathroom and Garden

Beautiful Bathroom Remodels That Combine Bathroom and Garden

Combining a bathroom with a garden can be a great choice to create a different and unique bathroom. Put green plants in some parts of the bathroom to make it look attractive and beautiful.

You can replace the tile floor by using a wooden floor. This way can make the bathroom is not too slippery when used. Things to note when going to use the above concept is to make sure you have a spacious bathroom. The size of a narrow bathroom makes you can not apply the concept above.

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6. Green and Refreshing!

Green and Refreshing!

Green plants placed in the bathroom can make this room feel more fresh when used. It’s just that you have to smartly choose the type of plant to put in bathroom. Make sure you choose the type of plants that don’t need too much sun to be placed in your bathroom. In addition, you also need to take care of these plants and diligently water them regularly.

Plants that die and have yellow leaves will interfere with the look in your bathroom.

7. It is Suitable for a Narrow Room

It is Suitable for a Narrow Room

If you have a small bathroom and narrow, then the solution is you can apply the concept above. This bathroom has a concept similar to the concept we have previously explained. Where the source of lighting comes from the sunlight that enters your bathroom.

The difference between this concept and the previous concept is that you can apply this concept to a small space. When using this concept, you will have a shower that is used for a shower and a washbasin to wash your face and hands.

8. Romantic Bathroom Concept

Romantic Bathroom Concept

The idea and design of this bathroom is perfect for newly married couples. Put roses and aromatherapy candles in some parts of the bathroom to give romantic impression. Use lights with dim light when you will use this bathroom concept.

It takes a room with a large area for the above concept you can use.

9. Wooden Bathroom

Wooden Bathroom

Bathroom made by wood can give a warm impression when you are in it. Don’t forget to put decorative lights to further enhance the look in your bathroom. You can also use a floor made of natural stone to give a traditional impression.

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Interested to try it?

The 9 ideas we presented above are some examples of beautiful bathroom remodels that you can apply in your house. Pay attention to the size of your bathroom, location of your house, and the budget that you own before apply the concepts we’ve outlined above.

We hope information we provide above can provide many benefits and inspiration to all of you who have read it. If you still have questions related to the above topic, please ask us through the comment field below. We will be happy to answer any incoming questions to assist any issues that you face.

Hopefully the above information helps you!


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