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9 Beautiful Bathroom Remodels That Can be Applied Easily

9 Beautiful Bathroom Remodels That Can be Applied Easily

The bathroom is one of the most important room in your house. Bathroom is useful to clean yourself after do some activities and other things that can be done in the bathroom. Even so many people who don’t really care about the look of the bathroom owned. They prefer to make the look of the bathroom look simple without add decoration in it.

Though you can easily make your bathroom look more attractive by giving decoration and change its appearance. In this discussion we will try to explain beautiful bathroom remodels that can be applied in your house.

Here’s the full explanation.

1.Using Chocolate Color in Bathroom

Using Chocolate Color in Bathroom

Many people prefer to use white in the bathroom owned. This is because the white bathroom looks more clean and looks dirty. In addition to white, you can use other colors to apply in the bathroom owned. One type of color that we highly recommend is the brown color.

Brown color in the bathroom can make the bathroom feel warm and can make you feel more comfortable while in it. Don’t forget to use natural stone as the bathroom floor. Natural stone used to make the bathroom floor is not easily slippery.

2. Spacious Bathroom

Spacious Bathroom

If you have a spacious bathroom size, then the ideas and concepts above you can apply in your house. The large bathroom allows you to put storage shelves in the bathroom. Storage racks can be used to store various clothes and towels that you use to work or go on the move.

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You can also put decorative lights in some corners of your room to make the room look more beautiful and attractive.

3. Optimizing Narrow Room For Beautiful Bathroom Remodels

Optimizing Narrow Room For Beautiful Bathroom Remodels

No need to worry if you have a bathroom with a narrow size and not too broad. The above concept can be the right choice for you who have a narrow-sized bathroom.

You can use the shower and don’t need to use the bath tub when going to bathe in your house. Use transparent glass as a partition separating the toilet and bathrooms that are owned.

4. Using Brown Floor

Using Brown Floor

If you don’t like to use the white bathroom floor, then the choice can be by using a brown floor. A brown floor can make your bathroom feel warmer and more comfortable when used. You can separate the bath tub and shower by using a partition made by transparent glass.

5. Elegant Bathroom

Elegant Bathroom

Having a spacious bathroom makes you can easily change the appearance to look more elegant and beautiful. You can combine white, brown, and dimly lit to make the bathroom look more elegant.

You can use a screen made of transparent glass to separate the shower and bath tub. This way will make the bathroom floor becomes dry and not easily slippery when you use.

6. Attractive Decorations To Beautify The Bathroom

Attractive Decorations To Beautify The Bathroom

Place small green plants in your bathroom. This way can make the bathroom look more fresh and attractive. Or you can also put paintings or wall decorations inside. Things to note when using the decor in bathroom is not too excessive when using the decor. Excessive decoration can make the bathroom look messy.

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7. Make Storage Rack In Your Bathroom

Make Storage Rack In Your Bathroom

The narrow-sized bathrooms make you unable to easily store the items you own. The solution is to use an idea or concept like the one above. Make a storage rack that is inside the bathroom wall. This way is a smart move that can be done to create a storage room with limited space.

Storage racks can be used to store toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and towels.

8. Simple and Interesting Concept

Simple and Interesting Concept

This bathroom uses very little room decoration. You just need to put green plants and some frescoes to put in the bathroom. You can use a combination of white and gray to apply in this bathroom.

This concept is also very suitable to be applied to a narrow bathroom room.

Interested to implement the above ideas?

9. Natural Light from the Sun

Natural Light from the Sun

This bathroom focuses on saving electricity by using a source of light coming from sun. Thus, you need to create ceilings and windows that allow the sun to light up the whole room well. Make a large bathroom window for lighting from the sun can be optimal.

You can put some toiletries, beauty products, and so forth in place that already available. You can use the shower or can use the bath tub while here.

The thing to note is don’t ever use the concept as the example above on a house located in the city center. Because the activities you do in the bathroom can be easily seen by the neighbors around your home. We recommend using the above concept on homes located in the highlands or in villas far from the crowd.

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Which concepts are most interesting to you?

Thus the 9 beautiful bathroom remodels that can be applied when going to remodel the bathroom you have. Hopefully the information we convey above can provide many benefits and inspiration to all of you who have read it.

Good luck!


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