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9 Good Ideas For Room Decorating With Low Budget That You Should Try

Good Ideas For Room Decorating With Low Budget

Many people who want to decorate their house but are constrained with a very expensive cost when going to decorate. Just make the house more attractive with the decor you can do with a low cost.

In this discussion we will try to explain some good ideas for room decorating that you can do with very limited funds.

Let’s see the explanation below.

1. Decorative Lamps from Unused Glasses

Decorative Lamps from Unused Glasses

No need to buy decorative lights with a very expensive price to put in your house. You can make your own decorative lamp by using some unused items. For example, using a glass that is not used as a place to put the ornamental lamp.

The thing to be aware of when you are going to use the above idea is to use a glass that is transparent and colorless so that light coming from the light can be seen.

2. Reclaim Your Workspace

Reclaim Your Workspace

If you often spend a lot of time to work at home, then the concept of decoration above can be a very appropriate choice to apply. You can put a a motivating sentence on the wall of your work space. There are many online stores that sell wall decorations with motivational writing as above.

Or there is another way that can be done that is by printing writing motivation that is widely available on the internet.

3. Motivation on your Wall

Motivation on your Wall

Using wall stickers to put in the room can be a very unique and exciting decoration for you to apply. If you are undergoing weight loss diet program, then the example of writing above can greatly motivate you to continue to practice.

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Simple ways to motivate yourself!

4. Using Wood As Decorations

Using Wood As Decorations

The wood used as decoration can easily make your room a traditional nuance. You can use unused wood or can also buy wood in building materials that cost less expensive.

Decorative wood can be used as a place to put an unused towel. The important thing to note is make sure you smooth the wood surface well and neatly. Unkempt and rough wood surfaces can harm you when using this decoration indoors.

5. Using Unused Materials as Plant Pots

Using Unused Materials as Plant Pots

No need to bother to buy potted plants with a high price to put plants or flowers. You can make your own potted plants with various materials available in the house. For example, you can use an unused sprinkler or an unused bucket.

You need to paint the plant pot to fit the theme and concept of the house owned. Don’t forget to give a hole in the bottom of the plant pot that serves as a place of water discharge.

6. Decoration For Your Daughter’s Room

Decoration For Your Daughter's Room

Women are usually very like with sweet decor that look attractive in their room. One of the ideas you can apply is to use a concept like the example above. You can put decorative star-shaped lights in their bedroom.

Decor that will make them comfortable in the room!

7. Greet Your Guests That Coming to Home

Greet Your Guests That Coming to Home

Place the decor on outside wall of your home to welcome guests and families who come to your house. This way can give a warm and friendly impression to the guests who come to visit your house.

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You can make your own!

Use some carpentry tools for decor like the example above can be made neatly and interesting. Don’t forget to paint the decor in accordance with the concept and color that you like.

8. Creative Shoes

Creative Shoes

The above idea is perfect for you who have a lot of collection of shoes in the house and don’t have enough place to store it. You can make your own shelf storage of shoes made of wood.

You just need to create a rectangular storage rack. Next paint the shoe rack with an attractive color such as green, red, or yellow. The final step, you can put the shoe rack on the wall of the room.

You already have an attractive and cheap shoe rack!

9. Unique Clothing Hangers

Unique Clothing Hangers

If you have a wooden ruler that is no longer in use, then you can use the material to use as a clothes hanger. All you need to do is to combine several ruler into one and place the hook on some sides.

The last step, you can put the clothes hanger on the wall of the room or in the bathroom of the house.

Interested in trying it?

Good ideas for room decorating above most you can do yourself at home using the materials that are available and unused. The thing that is necessary for the above decoration to be created is your creativity and your will to make it. Because there are so many people who want to have the decor as above, but lazy to make it yourself.

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The decorations we have mentioned above are the kinds of decorations that you can easily make yourself at home. Use all the materials and tools you have to create the above decorations.

So are the 9 good ideas for room decorating that you can have with limited and low-cost funds. Hopefully the information we have conveyed above can give a lot of inspiration to all of you who have read it. If you still have a lot of questions related to the topics above. Please ask us through the comments field below. We will be happy to answer all incoming questions for you.

Good luck!

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