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9 Great Bedroom Design for Men, Looks Simple!

9 Great Bedroom Design for Men

Men usually don’t really care about the look and design of bedroom that they have. They prefer a simple room design and don’t have many annoying decorations. On this occasion, we will try to explain to you all about 9 great bedroom designs ideas. Hopefully our explanation can help you all.

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1. Using Black As Dominant Color

Using Black As Dominant Color

The black color is the most widely used color by the men. This is because the color is included in the category of masculine color. Using black in the room can make your room look more elegant. You can also combine furniture that is black with other decorations. For example, by using a gray bed sheet and use a soft fur carpet.

2. Brown As Dominant Color In The Room

Brown As Dominant Color In The Room

In addition to using black, you can also use brown to give a masculine impression in the room. You can use brown sheets or place a brown bookcase in the room.

If possible, you can make a room facing a green garden. So, you can relax on the bed while enjoying the afternoon.

3. Simple Black Color For Great Bedroom Designs

Simple Black Color For Great Bedroom Designs

If you like the concept of simple and not too much use of decoration, then this one concept can be a consideration. Most of the decorations in the room use black. Starting from the bed sheet, wallpaper, curtains, lamps, and carpets that are in the room using black.

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To beautify the look in the room, you can put green plants in the corner of your house.

4. Bedrooms With Work Space

Bedrooms With Work Space

The bedroom is not only used as a place to rest, you can also use the bedroom as a place to work. Use comfortable chairs and work desks in the room to support your activities while in the room.

The important thing to note is make sure you put adequate lights in the room. Do not let your work activities be disrupted with inadequate light in the room.

5. Decor’s Room That are Masculine

Decor's Room That are Masculine

If you like to put decorations in the bedroom, then the room design as above can be one of the best solutions to use. The thing to remember is to never use excessive decorations in the room.

You can put dark-colored photographs or paintings on the walls of your room to look masculine. You can put mattresses adjacent to the bedroom window so that natural light can enter the room.

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6. Large and Neat

If you have a spacious room inside your house, then use the above concept as one of the interesting designs. This room design uses white color as the dominant color in the room. Not only that, you also use brown color as the color of the floor in the room.

The combination of brown and white colors can give the impression of elegance when you see this room. In addition, brown color can also give a warm impression when you are in this room.

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7. Luxury Room for Men

If you live in an apartment, the concept or design of this one can be a very appropriate choice to use. You can use a brown bed to give a warm impression in the room.

You can also put a chair and a small table as a place to relax while reading the newspaper in the morning. Not only that, this place also you can use to enjoy coffee at night with friends.

You can also put fur carpets to give a warm impression in the room. The last step is you can put the decoration with a dark color to give a masculine impression in your room.

8. Using Natural Lighting

Using Natural Lighting

The above concept is the right choice for you who want to save the cost of electricity usage. You can make the ceiling of the room made of translucent glass that allows natural light to enter the room.

Use gray paint as the dominant color in your room. You also put a variety of interesting decorations in the room. For example, photos, paintings, chairs to relax, and a small bookcase.

The concept is very simple, yet still attractive and looks masculine.

9. Don’t Worry With a Narrow Room

If you have limited space and not too wide, then you can use this concept as the right design. Use every corner of the room optimally! The trick is to put the guitar, study table, and bed neatly.

The important thing to note is make sure you keep the room clean. Don’t let you leave this room dirty and not cleaned. The cramped and dirty rooms make you uncomfortable while in it.

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What is the most interesting design?

Based on the explanation we have mentioned above, we can know that the male room is usually identical with dark colors such as black, gray, and brown. Dark colors are identical to the masculinity that men want to show in their room.

In addition to color, men’s room is also not too much use of excessive decoration. Decorations usually used in the room are usually photographs and paintings.

We hope the explanation about great bedroom designs can provide a lot of inspiration to you who want to find an attractive room design. You can choose the room design that best suits your desire.

If you still have questions related to the above topics, feel free to ask us through the comments field below.

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