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9 Inspiration for Child Bedroom, It’s Good Ideas for Room Decorating!

Inspiration for Child Bedroom

Giving happiness to your beloved children must be one of the goals that all parents want to do. Starting from providing quality education, facilities that support mental development, and so forth. You can also decorate your child’s bedroom to make them smile and feel comfortable while sleeping.

On this occasion, we will share some inspiration of the child’s bedroom which can be the idea of ​​decorating the room.

Here’s a further explanation.

1. Use a Warm Color

White and orange colors can be an interesting blend of colors to use in your child’s room. The color of the house can also give the impression of warm and comfortable as a place to rest in room.

No need to worry with a narrow and limited space!

You can use a bunk bed to solve the above problem. Concepts like above is suitable to apply, when you have 2 children aged between 5 – 10 years.

Although the room is not too big, children can still have an area to play with their friends.

2. Rainbow In The Room

This room decoration idea is perfect for kids with cheerful and upbeat personality. We further recommend concept of the room is used for girls because color combination is very appropriate.

You can put carpet in rainbow colors in it, then put chair in different colors, and don’t forget to use same concept flag on the ceiling of the room.

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The decor of this room makes bedroom look more spacious. So that can be used as a play area in it.

3. Realize Their Dreams!

The bedroom can also be used to motivate children with the ideals they want in the future.

For example, they dream to become a pilot in the future, then you can make their bed shaped plane like the example above. Also use wallpaper with sky theme and world map in it to reinforce the concepts and decorations made.

4. Gathered in One Room

If you have 3 boys and want them in one room, you can use the concept as above.

You can separate the bed with study or playing room. The blend of black, gray, and white strongly reinforces the impression and is perfect for use in boys’ rooms.

The idea of ​​the room as above can also make your children spend more time together. So they can be close with one another.

5. Room Decorating Ideas For Your Baby

There are several criteria for comfortable beds for your baby to use: warmth, comfort as a resting place, and can protect them from mosquito. The idea of room decorating above has met 3 important criteria for your baby to rest.

This bed is conceptualized resembling an indian tribal tent equipped with mosquito net to protect them from mosquito bites. You can add decorative lights in some parts to further enhance the look of bedroom.

Use a dim light in it to make the baby feel good while resting there.

Put a special chair that can be used as a place to breastfeed and watch the baby while they are sleeping.

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6. Optimizing Minimalist Space

Not always you have a room with a large size for use as a children’s bedroom. You can still decorate the room as a child’s room, although it has a narrow and limited space.

Think about what’s important and need to be put in the room!

Important things and should be in the child’s room is a bed, wardrobe, bookcase, and study table. Take advantage of every corner of room to be used optimally.

You can use a single-sized bed with a storage cabinet at the bottom. Furthermore, the bookshelf you can put on the wall to optimize their room.

Use a wardrobe that is not too large in room!

7. Simple Room Concept

Idea of ​​room decoration is very simple and looks more presentable, compared to idea that we have previously delivered.

You just need to put wall hangings in the room to beautify the look of room. White and black color into a choice of colors suitable for displaying a simple impression and not excessive in the room.

The concept of this room is suitable to apply to children aged 10-15 years, where they have started teenagers and adults.

8. Sporty Concept For Your Child

It is suitable to be applied for the room of boys who love sports and outdoor physical activity. You can use sheets, curtains and pillowcases with same theme. Add also with small pillows that form look like basketball, soccer, and american football.

Finally, you can add a carpet with a sporty theme in it to reinforce the impression of masculine in your child’s room.

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9. Safe and Comfortable Baby Room Concept

Concept and idea of ​​ above rooms is very comfortable and safe to use as a crib. This is because the bed has a fence that can hold your child fell while sleeping.

Inside the room is also equipped with clothes storage cabinets and various needs of children. Don’t forget to put a comfortable sofa in it that you can use to keep an eye on a child who is sleeping or can also be used as a breastfeeding place.

What decoration ideas do you like?

We hope that information already submitted above can be an inspiration when you will decorate a child’s room. Most important thing to consider when decorating a room is to know what your child needs, age of your child, things that they like, and size of available rooms.

Hopefully explanation above provides many benefits for you all!

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