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9 Kitchen Remodel Inspiration For Narrow Space in Your Home

kitchen remodel inspiration

The narrow house makes the owner must think creatively when going to remodel the room. Large furniture can not be placed in a small room because it can make the room feel crowded. Kitchen into one room in your house that needs to be overhauled to provide a different atmosphere.

If you plan to remodel the kitchen inside your house, in this article we will try to explain 9 ideas that can be applied.

Here’s the full explanation.

1.Using a White Cat Color

Using a White Cat Color

The narrow kitchen can feel wider if you use white paint in it. The white color you apply will give the impression clean and tidy.

Put various tools or items that are often used on open shelves that are easy to reach. Rarely used kitchen appliances can be stored in storage cabinets located at the bottom.

The model of above kitchen image is U Shape that lets you optimize the narrow space. Things to note when using the above model is to make sure you always clean the dirt on a regular basis. The white kitchen is so easy to look dirty if you don’t clean it regularly.

2.Lay the Dining Table Near the Kitchen

Lay the Dining Table Near the Kitchen

You can put the dining table in a small kitchen to optimize the use of your room. The dining table can also be used to put various foods or drinks to be served to your family. The bottom of the dining table can be used to store dishes, bowls, glasses, or other items that are often used. While the goods that are rarely used can be placed in the storage cabinet at the top.

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You can use a chandelier on the dining table as a light source.

3.Door With Large Window

Door With Large Window

Using large windows is a great way to make the kitchen feel more spacious. Not only that, the windows in the kitchen can be the main source of light to illuminate your room. Thus, you no longer need to use the lights while using the kitchen during the day.

You can use a storage rack that is placed on the wall of the home kitchen. Storage racks can be used to put glass or kitchen equipment that is often used.

Put green plants in the corner of your kitchen to make the atmosphere feel more fresh and interesting. The use of white paint in the kitchen can make the room feel more spacious and more comfortable.

4.Enjoy Your Food While Seeing Landscape Outside

Enjoy Your Food While Seeing Landscape Outside

If you live in an apartment and have limited kitchen space, then the above concept is perfect to apply.

The above concept utilizes a very wide window as a natural light source in your kitchen. Large windows in the kitchen allow to enjoy food while viewing the city from the high altitude. This place is perfect to be a romantic dinner location with your partner.

Various kitchenware owned can be stored in storage cabinets located at the top and bottom.

5.Green Concept

Green Concept

You can combine white and brown in your kitchen to make your room feel warmer. Do not forget to add small green plants in some places to make the room feel fresher.

You can put a brown carpet to match!

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6.Minimalist Kitchen For Families

Minimalist Kitchen For Families

A small room is not a problem to create a cozy kitchen. The thing that needs to be done is to optimize every corner of your room to be used with maximum.

First, you can use white paint to make your kitchen feel more spacious. Next, add a wide window that can be used as a natural light source in your kitchen. The last step is to use storage cabinets to make your  kitchen more tidy and not messy. Kitchen clutter will make the room feel cramped and look dirty when used.

7.Hang Your Kitchen Equipment!

Hang Your Kitchen Equipment

In addition to using storage cabinets to put various kitchen utensils, there are other ways that can be done. You can hang kitchen utensils on the wall to make it look more presentable. The thing to note is don’t hang equipment that is still dirty and has not been cleaned. If you do, the kitchen will look dirty and dirty.

You can put a minimalist chair in your  kitchen to use while enjoying a dish of food in the kitchen.

Black and brown in your kitchen will make the kitchen look more masculine and neat when viewed. If you don’t like the color black, you can replace it with white that looks more neutral and clean.

8.Wooden Table For Your Kitchen

Wooden Table For Your Kitchen

If you want to give the look of a kitchen that looks unique and different, then the above concept is perfect to apply. Put a wooden table that serves as a dining table inside your kitchen. Tables that are deliberately made neatly will give an interesting and unique impression when you are there.

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This unique table you can mix with a white kitchen to harmonize and look attractive. The above concept allows you to display neat, clean, and unique concepts simultaneously.

9.For Your Little Family

For Your Little Family

If you have 2 children, the concept of a minimalist kitchen at the top can be one of your best options to use. The above concept allows you to put a small dining table that can be used by 4 family members.

Don’t forget to put green plants in some parts to make it look more fresh and attractive.

What is your choice?

This the 9 kitchen concepts that you can apply to a room that is narrow and limited. We hope that the information we have given above can provide inspiration for you all.

Good luck!

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