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9 Modest Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Your Family

Modest Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The design is simple and not excessive enough liked by many people. One room that is often made with a simple style is a bathroom in your house. Actually it is not difficult to do the renovation in a bathroom and give a simple impression in it.

This time we will try to explain about 9 modest bathroom renovation.

1. Full Multipurpose Storage

Full Multipurpose Storage

Too many items that accumulate in your bathroom will make a room feel cramped and messy. Therefore, you need a storage cabinet that is useful to put various bathroom fixtures.

Put a storage closet that lets you store lots of stuff inside. So that a bathroom does not feel cramped, you should use a high storage cabinet as the example above. You can put towels, soap, toothpaste, and shampoo in this storage cabinet.

2. Put a Small Decor Adjacent to the Sink

Put a Small Decor Adjacent to the Sink

Do not worry if you have a bathroom that is not too broad. The above ideas and concepts can make your bathroom look attractive and more beautiful. The thing you need to do is put a green plant or flower next to the sink. Green plants in the bathroom can help you repair a bad mood after a day of activity.

3. Modest Bathroom Renovation Use Wooden Furnishings

Modest Bathroom Renovation Use Wooden Furnishings

If you want to give the impression of traditional and elegant in your bathroom, then the concept and idea of ​​this one could be the right choice. The thing you need to do is to use wooden furniture as we illustrated above.

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The important thing to note is make sure to use the best quality wood. If you use poor quality wood, then the furniture will easily decay. Because, wooden table like the example above will surely be watered every time you use the sink in the bathroom.

Do not forget to put flowers beside the wastefel to further enhance the look in your room.

4. The Right Color Combination

The Right Color Combination

The use of color will greatly affect the comfort, when you use the bathroom in the house. Blue and white colors can be a very appropriate color choice for use in the bathroom. Blue color can provide comfort when you use it in the bathroom. While the white color can give a clean impression in the bathroom.

In order to look more artistic bathroom look, you can use the floor with an attractive style. Do not forget to put decorations such as paintings and glass to further enhance the look inside your bathroom ..

5. Rooms That Look Clean

Rooms That Look Clean

Using white as a dominant color allows the bathroom to look cleaner and more attractive. The thing that is the lack of a white bathroom is very easy to look dirty if you do not routinely clean it. To keep clean, you must regularly clean the bathroom once every 1 week.

Do not forget to put the green plants in your bathroom to make it look more attractive.

6. Optimal Lighting in Your Bathroom

Optimal Lighting in Your Bathroom

Optimal light is one of the factors that determine your comfort while in your bathroom. In order to provide optimal lighting, you can use 3 pieces of lights like the example above. Choose a power-saving lamp to keep your electricity bill from crashing.

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In order for the room feels wider, you can put the glass in the bathroom. Do not forget to make the bathroom wall to brown. Brown color will give the impression of warm when you are in the bathroom.

7. Using Natural Lighting

Using Natural Lighting

If you want to save more, then using the concept like the example above can be the right choice to do. You can make a bathroom that allows sunlight to get into your room.

Make sure you use this concept when you live in a high house and have a safe environment. Unsafe environments allow bad people to enter your home and take valuables inside your house.

The bathroom concept looks simple, yet elegant!

8. Combining Two Concepts Being One

Combining Two Concepts Being One

The concept of this one is a blend of modern and traditional concepts into one part. You can use wooden bathroom walls and use modern bathroom furniture like the above example.

We recommend that you use furniture that is gray or brown to give a simple, yet elegant impression.

9. True Simple Concept

True Simple Concept

The main idea of ​​a simple concept in the bathroom is the use of minimalist decor in the room. Never use excessive decoration in the bathroom. Therefore, the excessive decoration can make the bathroom look messy.

In addition, you can also choose the color of the bathroom is simple and not too much use of style. You just need to use a combination of 2 colors in the bathroom to be used.

It is no less important is you also must always keep the cleanliness in the bathroom.

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What ideas do you want to apply?

So are 9 modest bathroom renovation that we can recommend to all of you. All the above ideas are bathrooms that have a simple concept. You should keep in mind some of the key rules we’ve mentioned above when going to apply a simple concept.

If you have any questions related to this topic, you can ask us through the comments field below. We will be happy to help answer any questions for you all.

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Good luck!


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