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9 Outdoor Concepts for Kitchen Remodel Inspiration

Outdoor Concepts for Kitchen Remodel Inspiration

The concept of outdoor kitchen has not been applied by many people. Though this kitchen concept has many advantages and benefits that can be felt by the owners of the house. One of the benefits is you can enjoy the food while enjoying fresh air outdoors.

The important thing to consider when going to use this concept is make sure you have a spacious yard that will be used as a kitchen. If you don’t have a large yard, it will be very difficult to use this concept.

Here are 9 outdoor kitchen concepts that can be applied to your home.

1.Combining 2 Concepts

Combining 2 Concepts

The idea of ​​this one is quite simple that combines your kitchen inside the house with a table on the outside. When viewed at a glance, this kitchen idea will look like a very interesting cafe. If you have limited space to lay the dining table, then this one concept can be the best solution that can be done.

The thing that needs to be done is to create a wide-sized window that will be the link between the kitchen and dining table. Next, place the dining table on the outside of your room and stick with the wall of your house. The final step is to place some small seats on it.

The advantages of the above concept is the house will feel more fresh and comfortable. This can happen because of the very wide ventilation and allow air circulation can run smoothly.

2.Elegant Concept

Elegant Concept

There is a kitchen concept that looks elegant when you use it. Use white, silver, black, and brown to make an elegant impression on your kitchen.

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There are a few things to keep in mind as you use the above concept in a tropical country. Countries with tropical climates have a rainy cycle every year. Therefore, you need to use kitchen furniture that is resistant to the climate. You can use furniture made of good quality wood and durable.

We recommend you use a wall made of glass to connect the room with an existing kitchen outside. This way will make the kitchen feel more spacious.

3.Unique Outdoor Kitchen

Unique Outdoor Kitchen

If you live in a tropical climate that often experiences rainy weather, the above concept becomes the best workable option. This one kitchen allows the furniture not to rain when you use it.

Make a place that will be used as an outdoor kitchen in your home. You can also use a table made of natural stone to give a natural impression on the kitchen. Put also a few chairs that will be used as a place to sit while enjoying a dish of food.

4.Relaxing with Your Family

Relaxing with Your Family

If you have a large house, then the concept above can be one of best solutions that can be used. You can use the kitchen above as a place to eat and you can also used as a place to relax together with your family at home.

You can enjoy coffee or tea here while sharing stories with your spouse and children. Put comfortable sofas and cushions in this room so you can enjoy a good relaxing time.

Interested in trying it?

5.Multifunctional Kitchen at Home

Multifunctional Kitchen at Home

When you live on a plateau that has cool air, then the above concept becomes the right choice to use. You can create mulitfunctional rooms that can be used as a place to eat, a place to relax with family, where to watch TV, and so forth.

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You can also put a fireplace in the kitchen to warm the room during the night. Put also some seats that face out to be used when will enjoy the scenery around your house.

6.Time to Roasting!

Time to Roasting

A very appropriate concept to apply if you often hold barbeque parties in your house. Put the toaster in one of your kitchen that will be used as a tool to roast meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, and so forth.

Make sure you put the toaster in a place directly facing the scene. So you can enjoy the view while baking the food there.

7.Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen

If you have limited space, but want to have a kitchen with outdoor concept, then you can use the ideas above. You can use the back porch for use as a kitchen. Here you can enjoy a meal while enjoying the fresh air outside your room. You can also have a barbecue party here with your family that coming to your house.

Put decorations like green plants and lights in some parts to make your kitchen look more beautiful and attractive.

8.The Exotic Kitchen

The Exotic Kitchen

Combining a kitchen with a swimming pool becomes one of the best ideas that can be used to create exotic concepts. The blue color of the pool can make the mood become more calm while you are enjoying the time relaxing here.

Don’t forget to plant some kind of palm plants around the pond to make it look more interesting and unique. In order to have a kitchen furniture that is not easily damaged by the weather, you can create a protector that uses a thatched roof.

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The concept is very beautiful and interesting to apply everyone!

9.Using Natural Stone As Dining Table

Using Natural Stone As Dining Table

Using natural stone as a dining table is a way that needs to be done when going to use the concept of outdoor kitchen. Tables made of natural stone can make furniture more durable when used outdoors.

Don’t forget to put some comfortable chairs as a place to sit while enjoying the food in the kitchen.

Those are the 9 outdoor kitchen concepts we can share with you. Hopefully the information we have presented above can provide a lot of inspiration for all of you who have read.

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