Kids Bedroom Ideas

A Kids Room Organization, Here’s 9 Tips For You

A Kids Room Organization

Children often make the house look messy with various toys and clothing they have. Not only that, disciplining children to tidy up things is very difficult to do. For that reason, on this occasion we will explain to you all about how easy to organize the child goods.

Let’s see the explanation below.

1. Simple Place For Toys

Simple Place For Toys

Toys are the most items owned by children at home. The annoying thing is they often make the house look messy with various toys owned.

That’s why you need a storage place so that the toys can be stored neatly. The above storage example can be a practical solution for you to apply.

The advantage is that the above storage you can make your own by using simple materials. You can use unused plastic buckets for storage of toys. Do not forget to put a label in each bucket so that toys can be stored by category.

2. Pack Storage

Pack Storage

Furthermore there is a storage place for girls toys. The toys that are mostly owned by girls are dolls. By using the above, you can store many dolls in one place.

Just like the previously described storage area, you can also create your own toy storage by using existing materials.

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The materials needed to make the above shelter are wood, sturdy rope, nails, and wood paint.

Interesting isn’t it?

3. Storage Place For Pencils and Stationery

Storage Place For Pencils and Stationery

Stationaries such as pencils, erasers, scissors, rulers, and others are examples of items that are often lost. These items are often lost because children do not have adequate storage space. For that you need to provide a good and neat storage place in the child’s room.

You can use used jars to be used as a pencil storage and various other stationery. Thus, children can more easily find the items they need when they need them.

4. Come Read!

Come Read

Reading into activities that are not very liked by children. Instead of reading they prefer to play and watch TV. Though reading will provide good benefits in their development. As a parent it is your duty to increase your child’s interest in reading.

One way that can be done to increase interest in reading children is to create a special room of interest. The above example can be the right solution for you to do. Make the corner of the room a comfortable reading place.

Put a comfortable sofa and pillows there, do not forget to make a bookcase to put the book neatly. Do not forget to add reading lights to make your child more comfortable while there.

5. Planning School Supplies

Planning School Supplies

A great way to organize home schooling needs. Make a special place to put bags and shoes. You can also put the daily agenda to make it easier for them to remember the activity to be done.

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6. Storing Goods and Books

Storing Goods and Books

Children usually have items such as textbooks, toys, and stationery. Make sure you have enough space to store all the items. The above example becomes something you can do.

The cabinet you can use to store textbooks and toys that they have. Not only that, the above concept also has provided a seat that can be used as a place to read and learn.

7. Wardrobe For a Neat Clothes

Wardrobe For a Neat Clothes

The above can be an option to store your child’s various clothes. This cabinet can store a collection of shoes, clothing your child, and various other purposes.

The most important thing is you should be able to teach to children to keep the neatness in the room. Adequate wardrobe will remain untidy if not tidied and cleaned.

8. Table For Playing at the Same Place With Storage

Table For Playing at the Same Place With Storage

The concept can be used by parents who have children with 5-10 years old. You can combine a play table and a place to store toys into one place. They can directly store the toy into storage cabinets that are already available.

Another thing to be sure is choose a table that matches your child’s posture. Do not let you choose a table that is too high or too low to use as a play table. Desk that does not fit the posture will make them feel uncomfortable while playing in the room.

9. Extraordinary Toys Collector

Extraordinary Toys Collector

If your child is very fond of toy cars and has many toys, then you can use the concept as above. Storage like the above allows the toy look more tidy and not messy.

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The advantage is that you can also create your own storage place as above by using existing materials. Use sturdy wood for toys to store. Do not forget to paint the storage cabinet to make it look more attractive.

What ideas do you like?

Organizing a child’s room is actually not difficult to do. Some ideas above is an example that you can do to make the child’s room look neater and not messy.

The more important thing is most of the ideas that we convey above you can make your own by using existing materials. That means, you do not need a big fee to organize child goods.

We hope that the information we have given above can provide many benefits to all of you who have read it. If you still have questions related to the above topics, feel free to ask us through the comments field below. We will be happy to answer any questions that exist to help you all.


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