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Got New Apartment? Here’s 9 Complete Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Complete Kitchen & Bath Remodel

When buying a new property, many people do not like the designs and concepts that are already there. So many people are planning to remodel one of the existing room in thire house to make it look more attractive and beautiful. Not only that, if you are bored with the existing design in your house or apartment can also remodel and change its appearance.

One room that is often overhauled by many people is the kitchen and bathroom. On this occasion, we will try to explain to you all about 9 Complete Kitchen and Bath Remodel that can be applied in the bathroom and kitchen.

Here’s more explanation.

1. Make Storage Racks

Make Storage Racks


Storage racks are large furnishings and will take up a lot of space in your room. Therefore, you need an alternative storage space in the kitchen. One solution that can be done is to create an open storage rack like the example above.

You can put glasses, plates, teapots, and so on the shelf storage. The luck is that these storage shelves will not take up much space.

In order to look more attractive, you can put the green plants as decorations in your kitchen.

2. Unique and Different Dining Table

Unique and Different Dining Table


The dining table is also a furniture that takes up a lot of space in the kitchen. The solution we can offer is you can create a dining table that integrates with the kitchen as the example above. The dining table can be used as a place to put food and can also be a place to eat with family.

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We also recommend you to use white as the dominant color in the kitchen. This is because the white color can give the impression cleaner and more neat in a room,

Are you interested in using this idea?

3. Special Are For Your Kitchen

Special Are For Your Kitchen


If you often use the kitchen to cook groceries, then you need to have a more spacious kitchen in your house. The spacious kitchen will make it easier for you to move in.

One of the designs or concepts we can offer is to make the kitchen into a U shape like an example above. This design makes you easy to move while in the kitchen.

You can also put a large window in the kitchen in order to give a broad impression in it. Not only that, large windows allow sunlight into the kitchen and provide natural lighting.

Let’s apply this concept!

4. Extremely Comfortable Bathroom

Extremely Comfortable Bathroom


Many people use the bathroom to release the fatigue with a warm bath in it. If you like doing that in the bathroom, then we would recommend you to use the concept like the example above. The bathroom above can give a warm impression when you use it.

The thing you need to do is use brown as the dominant color in the bathroom. To support the atmosphere, you can also use the dim lights in the bathroom.

Do not forget to put green plants, aromatherapy candles, and various decorations to make the bathroom look more comfortable and attractive.

One of the best ways to let go of fatigue!

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5. Optimizing Your Small Bathroom

Optimizing Your Small Bathroom


Do not worry if you have a small bathroom like an example above. You can still optimize the use of the room. One way that can be done is to create a storage rack like the example above. Storage shelf you can use to put towels, tissues, and various decorations that will beautify the room.

The above design and concepts prove that a narrow bathroom can still be used optimally if you know how to overhaul it.


6. Bathroom That Looks Luxury and Beautiful

Bathroom That Looks Luxury and Beautiful


If you have a spacious bathroom, then please just to use the concept and design of this one. The bathroom concept looks luxurious and can give the impression of elegance when you see it.

Things to do is combine black, white, and gray in the bathroom owned.

You can also put various decorations that will give the impression of luxury in the bathroom. For example, put a statue and a black and white painting inside your bathroom.

One of the most comfortable places to relax and spend time in the house. You can comfortably soak in the bath tub is available.

7. Food and Special Dining Room

Food and Special Dining Room


Combining a kitchen and dining room seems like a common thing and has been widely applied by many people. Only, the concept and desian this one is very different and unique. Not only that, your kitchen look will also look more luxurious and more attractive.

The thing you need to do is prepare a special area that will be used to lay the dining table and chairs. A concept very similar to a restaurant or cafe.

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Enjoying eating and drinking together with the family would be a very nice thing to do here.

Are you interested in using it?

That’s 7 Complete Kitchen and Bath Remodel that we can convey to you. All the ideas above have been discussed in full, ranging from a concept with a limited room, to a concept of luxury. You can choose the type of ideas and concepts that you find most interesting to use.

Do not forget to pay attention to a budget before applying any of the above concepts and ideas. You can also consult with experts in order to provide the best when using one of the ideas above.

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