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Exotic Bedroom Design In Your Home, How to Make It Happen?

Exotic Bedroom Design

The bedroom is a place to rest and release tired after working all day. So it is important to make your bedroom feel comfortable when used to rest. One of the factors that make your bedroom feel comfortable is the attractive and unique room design. Exotic bedroom design can be one design that you can apply.

If you plan to design a bedroom with an exotic concept. We will explain how to create a room with exotic design.

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1. Add Attractive Furnishings

The first step, you can replace a regular bed with a bed that canned to make the look of your room look exotic. Don’t forget to add a yellow table lamp for use at night. You can put a lounge chair in the room that can be used to relax while reading a book.

2. Use a Warm Color

The exotic rooms always have warm colors in them. You can use a golden or brown color to create an exotic feel in your bedroom.

If it is not possible to paint your bedroom in warm colors, you can use warm colored furniture. For example, using a table and chairs with brown color or use a bed sheet with green and brown in the bedroom.

You can also use wallpaper that can give the impression of exotic in your room. Encourage your partner to choose the type of wallpaper to be placed in the room.

3. Add Exotic Inside It

Using a pillow with a silk and velvet cover can make the look of your room look more attractive and exotic. You can put pottery inside the room to make it look unique. If you like green plants to put in your room, you can use tropical plants in your room. The blend of green color on plants and brown color in pots make the room look fresh and exotic.

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Choose plants that are easy to maintain and do not require much sun. Plants that are not treated and don’t get sunlight can easily die when you place in the room.

5. Wall Decor and Room Floor

Decorating your walls and floor rooms can be one solution to make the room look more exotic and attractive. You can put a tropical island painting or desert photo in the room. You can also put soft fur carpets to make your room feel more attractive and unique.

6. Wall Decoration Room With Flower Painting

You can put flower paintings on the walls of room to create an amazing feel. Flower painting can also make your room look more fresh and attractive. Not only that, flower painting can make the room feel more fresh and attractive while being in it. You can also choose a painting of green plants that can make your mood better when you see it.

7. Use Carpet That Matches Theme

Carpets with leopard motifs or soft fur motifs can be placed inside your bedroom. Do not forget to add the luxurious decoration in it to beautify the look of your room.

White fur carpet is perfect for giving a soft impression in your bedroom. However, you can choose the most preferred type of carpet to put in the room. Talk together with your partner to choose the best type of carpet to use.

8. Animal Leather Carpet

Exotic and classic look can be easily obtained by using animal skin rugs. Not only that, carpets with animal motifs can also bring the atmosphere more warm and luxurious

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9. Unique Pillowcases

Pillowcases can be accessories that you can use to give an exotic bedroom look. Pillows made of embroidery can easily beautify the look of your bedroom. You can make your own pillowcase if you have good embroidery skills. If you can not embroider, then you can buy a pillowcase at some stores that provide it.

10. Table Cloths from Animal Skin

Using animal skin is the best way to give the exotic impression of your bedroom. You can use tablecloth made by animal skin. The thing to note here is never to use leather from rare animals or protected animals.

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Easy to do isn’t it?

Making the bedroom look exotic is actually very easy to do, you just need to do some steps that we have mentioned above.

The main factor when going to create an exotic bedroom is the color selection of your room. Choose a warm room color such as brown and gold to use in your bedroom. Do not use bright colors such as red, blue, and green, because these types of colors are very difficult to give an exotic impression on your room.

The next factor is the type of furniture you use in the bedroom. Use furniture that looks unique like pottery, painting plants, fur rugs, and so forth. Make sure not to use the furniture in the room too much. The furniture that is put too much in the room can make your room feel more narrow and congested.

Pay attention to the balance between colors that you use, the type of furniture, and the size of the room you have. The three factors above you need to consider when going to make appear more exotic look room.

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That’s the information we can tell you all about how to make an exotic room look. Hopefully the information we convey provides many benefits for you all.

Good luck!

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