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It’s Small But Great Bedroom Design, Here’s 7 Examples For You

Great Bedroom Design

Many couples who feel confused when going to decorate their bedroom. One of the problems they often encounter is the size of room that is too small. In fact, you can still get a comfortable room despite its small size.

In this explanation, we will try to explain to you about 7 examples of great bedroom design that look special. Do not believe? Let’s see the full explanation below

1. Do not Use Too Many Decorations

Do not Use Too Many Decorations


The first rule that needs to be applied when going to set up a small bedroom is make sure you do not use too much decoration in your bedroom. Too much use of decoration and furniture will make a bedroom more narrow. You just need to put down the really necessary décor such as the bed and wardrobe.

You can also put a painting on the bedroom wall to make it look more attractive.

The important thing that needs to be applied is you can use a wide window in your bedroom. Wide windows can give a wide impression when you are in the bedroom.

You should combine brown color and gray color in the room to give a warm impression in your room.

2. The Bedroom For Spirited Young Couple!

The Bedroom For Spirited Young Couple!


You can optimize the use of your room by using the design and concepts like an example above. Put the bed to be higher, so the bottom of the bed you can use to store various purposes.

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Furthermore, you can put the TV like an example above in order to save space usage. Do not forget to put a comfortable sofa so you and your partner can sit and relax there.

Are you interested in using the ideas above?

3. Using Ornamental Lamps In Your Room

Using Ornamental Lamps In Your Room


If you like the atmosphere that fondens in your room, then you can put decorative lights for use in the bedroom. Use a dimly lit lamp in order not to interfere with your comfort while in your bedroom.

Do not forget to put various paintings and decorations on your bedroom wall like the example above.

The lack of this concept is that your room will feel more cramped and messy. However, if you like the design and ideas like this, then please just to use it in your bedroom.

4. Comfortable and Clean Room

Comfortable and Clean Room


Never let the bedroom you have dirty and not cleaned. Dirty bedroom can’t makes you feel at home while in it. You must be diligent to clean the bedroom owned. You can also use white and blue in your bedroom to give the impression clean and tidy. The thing to remember is a white color will make your bedroom look dirty easily.your

You can use blue color as a blanket or bed sheet in your bedroom.

A very comfortable room to rest with your partner.

5. Combine Green Color and Black Color

Combine Green Color and Black Color


Green and black can make the room feel more attractive if you apply. You can use black as a dominant color in your bedroom and then use the green color as a complement.

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The combination of both types of colors can give the impression of elegance and fresh in your bedroom.

You can also put storage shelves at the top of the bed like the example above. Storage shelves that can be used to put the award plaque and any decorations you want.

6. Working Space Inside Your Bedroom

Working Space Inside Your Bedroom


If you often work with a laptop, then you can use the concept and design like this in the bedroom. The concept that allows you to put a work table in a room that is not too big.

You can put a work table in the corner of the room like the example above. Instead, you use a medium-sized work table and not too big. Therefore, a work table that is too big will make the room feel cramped

7. Consulting With Architects To Create This Design

Consulting With Architects To Create This Design


Due to the concept and design of this one is more complicated than the previous concept, then we recommend you to discuss and cooperate with architects when going to apply the above concept.

The bedroom design that can make the small room look grand and more interesting.

The main factor that makes this bedroom look magnificent is the selection of the right furniture and attractive design. Choose the type of furniture is minimalist, but can give the impression of a grand and luxurious in the bedroom. You can use blue to make the bedroom look more attractive to look at.

Do not forget to put a chair in the bedroom so you can relax and sit together with the couple there.

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The last step that can be done is you can put decorative lights on the ceiling of the room to look more luxurious.

You need to be smart and creative when it comes to designing a bedroom!

From an above explanation about great bedroom design we can know that to get an attractive bedroom, you do not need to have a spacious room. Therefore, a small bedroom still able to give an interesting impression if you are able to arrange well. Some of the above examples prove that the attractive rooms you can get, despite having a small room.

We hope the above information can provide many benefits to all of you who have read it.


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