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How To Choose Kids Bedroom Color Ideas, Simple Ways to Do!

How To Choose Kids Bedroom Color Ideas

Choosing a colors to use in a children’s room is a very important thing to do. The colors used in a room will determine their interest to occupy the room. So, don’t get wrong and choose type of color that they don’t like.

This time we will try to explain how easy that can be done, when choose type of color to use in your child’s room.

Use the Color Wheels When Choosing

Use the Color Wheels When Choosing

We encourage you to use color wheel because this equipment will be very helpful to determining the best color choices. If you don’t have a color wheel to use, then an alternate way to use is colored pencils. You can use colored pencils to combine the color choices that most preferred by your children.

Too complicated?

If you don’t really like the way above, then try to paint color samples that available in the store. Start combining the color choices that you think are most suitable to use in children’s rooms.

The next thing to do is to use a proportion of color that is balanced and not excessive. A suitable color scheme is to use the lightest color in the most number, then use a moderate color, and finally use the lightest or darkest colors in small amounts.

Don’t overdo it when using paint in a child’s room!

You only need to use two to three colors in the child’s bedroom. Children’s room will be more attractive when it is placed wardrobe in it, toys, and various equipment they have.

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Using Primary Color

Primary colors are colors that can not be made by mixing other colors. There are three primary colors that can use: red, blue, and yellow. You can use these three colors in a children’s room or use only two colors. You can also add a neutral color like white or black to beautify the look of the room.

Some of the combinations to consider are red, white, and blue which look very refreshing when used. The combination of these three types of colors is also very suitable for use in your son’s room.

Or if you want to combine other colors and want to look brighter, you can add white color in the child room color combination.

There are several advantages that can be obtained, when you use the primary colors as paints in your child’s room. The first benefit is that you can create another type of color by mixing the three primary colors. So you don’t need to spend a lot of cost to buy other types of paint different colors.

Primary color will create a cheerful and optimistic atmosphere in the child’s room. In addition, the primary colors are also very suitable to use in boys’ rooms.

Don’t forget to add white in some parts to make the room look brighter and soothing.

Secondary Color Also Suitable to Use In Child’s Room

Secondary Color Also Suitable to Use In Child's Room

In addition to using primary colors, you can also use a secondary color made of a mixture of two primary colors. The orange color will be obtained from a mixture of red and yellow, the green color obtained from yellow and blue, and purple created from a mixture of blue and red.

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Although the combination of secondary color looks interesting, don’t let you wrong in choosing type of color that will be used. Errors when combining the type of color make the look of the room will look unattractive and make it uncomfortable to be occupied.

The choice of a suitable combination is to use green and yellow. Both types of color is very suitable to display a bright impression like a meadow. You can also add a little orange to make it look warmer.

You can also use a combination of yellow, red and green to make it look striking and keep it interesting. Red color can also be replaced with a pink color that looks softer and in line with girls. If you want a simpler view, you can use red and green only.

Next, you can combine the blue and orange colors that boys would love very much. If you want a softer color and suitable for girls’ room, mix the orange color with a little white color.


From above explanation can be seen that you can choose color for your child’s room using 3 ways. The first way is to use color wheel or color pencil and begin to combine the colors yourself. The simplest way is to use a color sample that is already available in the paint shop.

The second way is to use a combination of primary colors in a child’s room. Using a primary color in the child’s room will make the room look more fresh look. In addition, the primary colors are also very suitable for use in boys’ rooms rather than girls.

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You can also create new colors using three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. This will be very useful to save a lot of costs to buy paint.

The last way is to use a secondary color created from a mixture of three primary colors. When going to use secondary color you have to be careful not to let the combination used to make the look of the room look messy. A guide on how to make combinations using secondary colors is described in full above.

That’s a simple and easy way to apply when choosing the type of color that will be placed in your child’s room.
That was the article about How To Choose Kids Bedroom Color Ideas.

Hopefully the explanation above can give a lot of inspiration to you all.

Good luck!

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