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Kids Bedroom Color Ideas: Tips on Choosing Room Color And It’s Effect For Your Child

Kids Bedroom Color Ideas

There are so many considerations you need to think about when choosing a child room color idea. Some of these considerations include age of your child, their gender, and something they like. The room with color they like can make it more comfortable to rest in there.

In this article, we will explain idea of ​​ color of child’s room that you can apply. In addition there will be an explanation about effect of room colors on your children

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4 Tips on Choosing a Color Idea In Your Child’s Room

4 Tips on Choosing a Color Idea In Your Child's Room

  1. Use Color For Long Term

    At the age of 5 years they may still like striking room colors like blue, red, or yellow. However, increasing age of your child will make them change in choosing color of their room.

    If you think in long term, then consider adding a neutral color that look adult in child’s room. The soothing blue or green color can be right color choice. Both types of colors are still suitable for your child’s use even though he is aged 10 – 12 years.

  2. Use a Soothing Color

    According to the science of psychology, colors that you choose will greatly affect to your child’s mood and behavior. If you have a baby, then consider using a soothing room color.

    We will discuss full effect of color on next explanation.

  3. Adjust Room Color With Decorations

    If you plan to create a concept or theme in a child’s room, then consider the appropriate color. For example you will use a rural concept, then use colors that are inspired from nature such as green and brown.

  4. Use Quality Paint

    Don’t just consider a cheap price when choosing a paint. Instead, choose quality and durable paint when used. Consider using a paint that can be easily removed. Also buy paint that is free from harmful materials for your child’s room.

    After considering 4 tips above, the next step is to consider effect of color on condition of your child.

Effect 8 Room Colors In Your Child

Effect 8 Room Colors In Your Child

  1. Blue

    Blue became one of favorite colors that many people use for children’s room. When you use blue in the room, the effect is to slow the pulse and lower body temperature. Color can make children more calm while in their room.

  2. Green Color

    The green color has almost same effect as blue we have described above. The green color can be soothing and become color that represents spirit. Not only suitable to be placed in the bedroom, green color can also be placed in dining room. Because, green color is identical to color of fruits and vegetables that can arouse appetite.

  3. Red

    The red color represents energy and excitement that can increase blood pressure and make the heart beat faster. Red color is also often associated with passion and a color that is perfect for adult bedroom. However, red color is not a suitable color to be placed in your children’s room.
    You should choose a pink color, if you want to find a suitable color to use in a child’s room. Pink becomes a color that can make calm and a very good choice for your baby’s room.

  4. Yellow

    Yellow color like sunshine can bring happiness effect, hope, and optimism. Yellow color can make children able to think positive when they are in the room. In addition, yellow color can also affect your child’s creativity.

  5. Orange

    The orange color is a pleasant color and can attract more attention than yellow. Orange color also has a warm nature and can radiate energy. However, orange color is not a kind of soothing color and should not use in the child’s bedroom.

  6. Purple

    Purple is a color that is perfect for you to use in girls room. Not just suitable for them, your daughter must really like the purple to use in her bedroom.
    Purple color can create comfort while resting and able to stimulate brain activity.

  7. Black and White

    Both types of colors include a neutral color, meaning it can be used for  a boy or girl. White color can make atmosphere more peaceful and can make the room feel more spacious and relieved.
    You can use a combination of both types of color, if you have a room size that is not too large and want to display a broad impression.

The Best Color Choice?

All kinds of colors that we have conveyed above have different benefits and effects on your children. When you consider to choose color of room, you should choose a soothing color to be comfortable rest. The next factor to consider is to use the colors that your child likes. It’s useless to choose a room color that is not in accordance with their wishes, because they will not feel at home to linger there.

Apart from the effect of room colors on your child, the two factors presented above are first things to consider when choosing color for your child’s room.

Don’t forget to choose a quality room paint and durable when used. Considerations for selecting paint that can be easily removed when exposed to stains.

Thus tips that you can use when choosing a paint color for your child’s room. We hope above information can provide inspiration and can help you when will determine the color of your child’s room.

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